Safe HMI - Navigation

For all in-vehicle information and communication systems intended for use by the driver while the vehicle is in motion, for example, navigation systems and traffic information, essential safe design and use aspects for the human/machine interface need to be taken into account.


Navigation system: the navigation system provides location and route guidance information to the driver. Several different types of system (e.g. OEM fitment, after-market solution) with different display positions and technologies (e.g. central information display, head-up, or separate detachable display) are already on the market.


Head-Up Display: the BMW Head-Up Display puts selected information directly in the driver's line of sight. This virtual display is projected onto the windscreen and can be easily seen in all light conditions. The driver, by avoiding the need to refocus from long distance to close up, can take in information such as speed or route directions far more quickly.



SafeHMI will betested by BMW and Daimler.