European Conference on Human Centred Design for ITS - April 2010


Creation date: 19 November 2009



The widespread deployment of in-vehicle driver information systems and the emergence of advanced driver assistance systems are profoundly transforming road transport.


Through these Intelligent Transport Systems, a range of services is offered to the driver with the objective of facilitating the driving task and improving travel safety.


Nevertheless, these developments raise numerous questions about acceptance and possible effects and their impact on drivers’ behaviour and attitudes.


The European Conference on Human Centred Design for Intelligent Transport Systems will address the following topics:


- Effects of ITS on driver behaviour and interaction with the systems

- Tools and methodologies for safety and usability assessement
- Modelling of drivers' behaviour for ITS design
- Diversity and specificity of road user groups
- Drivers' needs and acceptance of assistance functions
- Green ITS to meet new driver needs
- Field Operational Tests and Naturalistic Driving studies
- ITS and traffic management
- Human-Centered System Integration and Product maturity
- Generic user Interfaces for Assistance Systems

The conference will be held in Berlin, on April 29-30, 2010.


Representatives from the euroFOT project will be attending this event.


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