FOT-Net international workshop


Creation date: 07 October 2008

To exchange information about Field Operational Test activities and foster cooperation with North America and Japan, two international FOT-Net Workshops have been planned. The first workshop will take place on 20 November 2008 in New York, US, in the Jacob Javits centre after the ITS World Congress
The first FOT-Net International Workshop in New York will address the challenges and needs of the various regions actively involved in Field Operational Tests. The workshop aims to investigate the possibilities for cooperation between regions on various topics. A careful selection of the most important topics will be agreed beforehand by the regional representatives.

Examples of topics include:

  • Methodologies: Commonalities and differences across the regions
  • Comparison of results: How to make sure Field Operational Test results and data are comparable? Should we synchronise research questions and Performance indicators? Are the research questions similar?
  • Data exchange: Relevance and willingness to establish a data exchange platform.
  • Deployment issues: How to accelerate deployment after a Field Operational Tests? What are the decision criteria leading to Policy or market driven deployment? Is there a need for concrete examples and eventually best practices?

The second FOT-Net International Workshop in Tokyo, Japan in 2009 will build on the outcomes of the New York Workshop.


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