FOT-Net seminars on the combination of functions


Creation date: 04 January 2008

The FOT-Net seminars held in October revealed the clear need to organise a seminar on how to deal with combinations of functions and/or systems in FOTs. These combinations may consist of several ADAS functions and systems, functions made available by means of nomadic and aftermarket devices and/or combinations of these. When cooperative systems are addressed, things may become even more complicated. The FESTA methodology is focussed on testing one function or system at a time. However, as more functions and systems become available in cars and drivers use nomadic and aftermarket devices as well, having a FOT with only one function and/or system may become more and more impractical. As this topic is a complicated one, and as it will be hard to find a single expert who knows all the answers, we propose an interactive seminar to address the problems together.

  • When?  6 February 2009 - from 10.00-16.30
  • Where?  Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport
  • Who?  This is a seminar for researchers who are involved in setting up and evaluating a FOT, incl. the study design, and who have some experience with performing studies in real life. We aim at a workshop of around 20 participants.

About FOT-Net seminars

FOT-Net is a support action funded by the European Commission to network Field Operational Test activities at European, national and international level. A series of 7 seminars will be held in 2008-2009.


The seminars will explain and discuss the common European Field Operational Test methodology which has been developed in the framework of the FESTA project. The seminars will be tailored to specialists and experts who (plan to) work on the activities of a (future) FOT. These meetings are set up in an interactive way and aim at the exchange of experiences.