ITS World Congress, 16-20 November 2008, New York


Creation date: 08 October 2008

The 15th World Congress on ITS and ITS America's 2008 Annual Meeting was the largest event in the world for ITS leaders, policy makers and other industry professionals. Registrants had access to both the Annual Meeting and World Congress events, including more than 200 extraordinary education sessions, exciting tours, a grand-scale exhibition hall, and limitless opportunities to connect with an international audience in a world-class city.


Several session covered Field Operational Testing, including presentation of euroFOT!

Special Session SS37: Status report on Field Operational test Programmes

ROOM: J-1A22
Field operational tests (Fots) are being conducted worldwide to validate the effectiveness of its for safer, greener, and more efficient transport under real-world conditions. previous and current experiences have shown that FOTs are an excellent way to raise awareness, collect real data, and enhance the acceptance of its solutions. they are a powerful tool to advance the development and deployment of its applications that reduce crashes and improve mobility. this session will provide an overview on the current status of Fot work worldwide and address program strategies, the structure and conduct of the tests, and the expected results.

Moderotor: André Vits, European Commission, DG INFSO


  • Gianfranco Burzio, Centro Ricerche Fiat - CRF, Italy
  • Aria Etemad, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe, Germany
  • Petri Mononen, Technical Research Centre - VTT, Finland
  • Maxime Flament, ERTICO-ITS Europe
  • Fabrizio Minarini, European Commission, DG INFSO

Special Session SS12: Evaluating the effectiveness of Active Safety Systems 

ROOM: J-1A07
Field operational tests (Fots) are currently the primary tool used to determine the effectiveness of active safety systems. Government agencies and vehicle manufacturers use Fots to determine the impact of active safety systems on safety, driver acceptance, and whether the safety system has unintended consequences. FOTS are resource intensive; as a result, the scale at which these tests need to be conducted strain organization budgets. this session will discuss the need for Fots, innovations in designing and conducting Fots, alternative testing and evaluation methods, and the merits of international cooperation to coordinate Fot activities to better use limited resources.

Moderator: John Harding, U.S. Department of Transportation,

  • Jonathan Koopmann, The Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, U.S. Department of Transportation, USA
  • Maxime Flament, ERTICO-ITS Europe
  • Yasuhito Maki, Cabinet Secretariat, Japan
  • Representative from Asia Pacific

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