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Creation date: 07 October 2008

Field Operational Tests: from Research to Markets

A large number of ICT-based transport applications have been successfully developed and demonstrated in collaborative research projects throughout Europe. Today, there is a growing need to understand several questions which are crucial for market introduction and penetration of these systems:

  • How does the driver use the system?
  • What are the short and long term effects?
  • How can the systems performance be further improved?

By testing the systems on a large scale, in real driving conditions during a significant period of time, Field Operational Tests can answer these questions. The results of FOT’s will enable policy makers to establish the right policy framework for deployment of these systems, and business leaders to make informed decisions about the market introduction of the systems.

FOT-Net- Networking for Field Operational Tests

In order to bring results of these test into a common framework, National, European and international FOT organisers are now gathered in one strategic networking platform: FOT-Net.


FOT-Net is the point of reference for anyone interested in Field Operational Tests, their organisation their set up and their results.

FOT-Net is open to all stakeholders from public and private sectors willing to exchange experiences and benefit from each others’ learning experiences.


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