Intelligent Vehicle Systems

The euroFOT field testing focuses in particular on 8 distinct functions that assist the driver in detecting hazards and avoiding accidents:


Adaptive Cruise Control

 Forward Collision Warning

 Speed Regulation System

 Blind Spot Information System

 Lane Departure Warning

 Curve Speed Warning

Safe Human/Machine Interface

Fuel Efficiency Advisor



1000 vehicles from 9 European vehicle manufacturers

These eight functions were tested in about 1000 vehicles from 9 European OEM brands. A total of 460 data loggers were distributed across 500 vehicles (some loggers will be rotated between vehicles).


An additional 300 vehicles were studied through questionnaires for the LDW functions, and an additional 50 vehicles used the telematics capabilities of a fleet-management system for gathering fuel-efficiency data. The data loggers are of three types:


  275 CAN-only data loggers
  150 CAN+Video data loggers, and
35 CAN+Video+Extra sensing data loggers